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Yamaguchi Momoe
loveandcoffee wrote in kayoukyoku
As promised, I bring you some Momoe :D
I don't think she needs any introduction, but just in case, Yamaguchi Momoe was a singer who debuted in 1972 at the age of 13 after passing an audition for the legendary talent tv show "Star tanjou", and retired in 1980 at just 22 when she married actor Miura Tomokazu (to whom she's still married).
Although she was only active for 8 years, she is considered one of the most important and unforgettable singers of the Seventies because of her "daring" (for the time) image and peculiar husky voice.
She is a great singer and, especially in her later career, she performed really amazing songs so I'd suggest you to give her a try.

First off, the compulsory best album.

Yamaguchi Momoe - "Golden☆Best"

128KbS - tags in Japanese, filenames in romaji

Originally in two discs, for easiness of scrobbling I tagged it with consecutive track numbers.
01. Toshigoro
02. Aoi kajitsu
03. Kinjirareta asobi
04. Harukaze no itazura
05. Hitonatsu no keiken
06. Chippoke na kanshou
07. Fuyu no iro
08. Mizuumi no kesshin
09. Natsu hiraku seishun
10. Sasayaka na yokubou
11. Shiroi yakusoku
12. Ai ni hashitte
13. Yokosuka story
14. Pearl colour ni yurete
15. Akai shoudou
16. Hatsukoi soushi
17. Yume saki annaijin
18. Imitation gold
19. Cosmos
20. Akai kizuna (red sensation)
21. Otomeza kyuu
22. Playback part 2
23. Zettai zetsumei
24. Ii hi tabidachi
25. Manjushaka
26. Bi - silent
27. Ai no arashi
28. Shinayaka ni utatte
29. Aizenbashi
30. Rock'n'roll widow
31. Sayonara no mukougawa
32. Ichie
33. Anata e no komoriuta
34. Sekishun doori

Then, three of my favourite albums in chronological order.

Yamaguchi Momoe - "Yokosuka story"

192KbS - tags in Japanese, filenames in romaji

01. Kagerou
03. Yokosuka story
04. Jitensha no ue no kare
05. Club sandwich wa ikaga?
06. Kazetachi no gogo
07. Ima mezameta kodomo no you ni
08. Hitonigiri no suna
09. Akai unmei
10. Soredemo ashita ga...
11. Ai no boshoku
12. Amai uragiri

Yamaguchi Momoe - "Cosmos (uchuu)"

192KbS - tags in Japanese, filenames in romaji
If you care, this is my favourite Momoe album ever. ♥ Great concept album.

03. Ginga café terrace
04. Uchuu ryokou no pamphlet
05. Gin'iro no gypsy
06. Tadayoi no naka de
07. Cosmos (uchuu) [not the other Momoe song titled after the flower cosmos]
08. Kidou shuusei
09. Otomeza kyuu
11. Toki no tobira

Yamaguchi Momoe - "Moebius game"

192KbS - tags in Japanese, filenames in romaji

01. Rock'n'roll widow
02. Aishuu no Coney Island
03. Nozoki karakuri
04. Paper dream
05. Apocalypse love
06. Techno paradise
07. Koi no hotline
08. One step beyond
09. E=MC2
10. Violet rhapsody

Enjoy, and comment if you take :D

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Thanks, I used to have some of her stuffs but lost during repairs..



I have quite a few Momoe albums, but I do NOT have Moebius game or Cosmos! OMG!!!!

Thank you thank you thank yuuuuu~~~ ^_____^

I have just found, sorted and retagged her whole discography! When life stops being a bitch I'll do another massive discog post :D

not taking since i already own her albums, but!! her cosmos was 2nd in the top 50 songs (showa era), voted on tv a few days ago! <333

Thanks a lot for sharing, i appreciate so much.

Thank you ever so much!

Thank you for sharing these! I had Moebius Game and Golden Best but my PC crashed a few months ago, so it was a relief I found them again. (:

i hope this community is still alive. its just recently that i've discovered these japanese music of the past decades

Thank you for sharing these!
I have a question though, you wouldn't happen to have the instrumental for "Cosmos" would you??
Please let me know!!! ^^

Cosmos instrumental/karaoke

I'm trying to get the hang of this, so here goes:

You may find the Cosmos instrumental at:

You'll find many more Momoe there,including her first album with the naughty songs.

There is actually much more there than you would think by putting Momoe Yamaguchi in the search box. And persevere with getting her name spelt correctly, the site does that strange Apple thing with accents.

Try putting in actual song or album titles and see what comes up.

I found I had to alternate between getting Google to translate from Vietnamese to English and Japanese to English to get the Romaji and English titles. Even then some stubbornly remained untranslated.

After listening to a lot of her LPs from this site, I'd put Momoe above the Candies but I still reckon Pink Lady are the tops.

If that link doesn't work, I found the site by Googling "Momoe Yamaguchi discography" (I think) and it was about 6 pages in. Just look for a link in Vietnamese - it's about the only one.

There you go. Good luck.



do you have the instrumental to cosmos? let me know :)

Thank you so much for sharing these! Definitely going to listen to these. ^__^

Thank you お姉さん ;~;

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