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Yamaguchi Momoe final live in Budoukan
loveandcoffee wrote in kayoukyoku
I uploaded it for a friend so since it took ages I figured it wouldn't hurt to share ♥.

Yamaguchi Momoe's farewell concert in Butoukan, 5 October 1980. It's one of my favourite concerts of all times and I can't help crying a little whenever I watch it. Momoe delivers an impressive, emotional performance in this show, divided in four parts, each using a different colour as its concept (gold, red, blue and white).

01. This is my trial
02. Yokosuka sunset sunrise
03. I came from Yokosuka
04. Playback Part I
05. Playback Part II
06. Zettai zetsumei
07. Imitation gold
08. Ai no arashi
09. Yume saki annainin
10. Yokosuka story
11. Star tanjou AGAIN
12. Medley (Hitonatsu no keiken, Kinjirareta asobi, Fuyu no iro, Mizuumi no kesshin, Harukaze no itazura, Aoi kajitsu, Toshigoro)
13. Rock'n'roll widow
14. Ii hi tabidachi
15. Ichie
16. Manjushaka
17. Cosmos
18. Introduction - haru
19. Fushichou densetsu
20. Utaitsugarete yuku uta no you ni
21. Sayounara no mukougawa
22. This is my trial (instrumental)

DVD ISO, 4,7 GB. (Don't expect HQ/HD though - it was recorded in 1980! But quality is good enough)
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If you want to repost the links it would be nice but not mandatory to credit.
I'd be also really happy if you commented if you took it, because I kind of feel I am the sole Momoe fan in the whole Western world and I'd be happy to be proven otherwise XD.

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not downloading, just coz i already own this from her live box set, but thanks for uploading!

I cannot thank you enough for sharing this ;w;w;w;w;
I'd watched several bits of it on YT etc. but never hoped I'd find the whole thing to dl!
Once I make enough space in my crammed HDD, I'll come back to grab it (and sob all the way through it).
Once again, a million thanks! m(_ _)m ♥♥♥

One more western fan


Last week I heard onee song 'Manjushaka' from Momoe for the first time and instantly became fan. Very good !

You may have noticed that megaupload no longer works. Do you know any other way to reach this farewell concert ?

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