Yamaguchi Momoe final live in Budoukan
I uploaded it for a friend so since it took ages I figured it wouldn't hurt to share ♥.

Yamaguchi Momoe's farewell concert in Butoukan, 5 October 1980. It's one of my favourite concerts of all times and I can't help crying a little whenever I watch it. Momoe delivers an impressive, emotional performance in this show, divided in four parts, each using a different colour as its concept (gold, red, blue and white).

01. This is my trial
02. Yokosuka sunset sunrise
03. I came from Yokosuka
04. Playback Part I
05. Playback Part II
06. Zettai zetsumei
07. Imitation gold
08. Ai no arashi
09. Yume saki annainin
10. Yokosuka story
11. Star tanjou AGAIN
12. Medley (Hitonatsu no keiken, Kinjirareta asobi, Fuyu no iro, Mizuumi no kesshin, Harukaze no itazura, Aoi kajitsu, Toshigoro)
13. Rock'n'roll widow
14. Ii hi tabidachi
15. Ichie
16. Manjushaka
17. Cosmos
18. Introduction - haru
19. Fushichou densetsu
20. Utaitsugarete yuku uta no you ni
21. Sayounara no mukougawa
22. This is my trial (instrumental)

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Kazuki Tomokawa (友川 かずき) [ complete discography]
(99% because only the album Satoru is missing as its very hard to come across - came in a 3CD boxset limited to 600 copies)

(Kazuki Tomokawa) is a prolific Japanese acid-folk singer, poet, author, artist and racing tipster, active in the Japanese music scene since the early seventies. He is often described as a “screaming philosopher” due to his idiosyncratic singing style. Whether screaming his lungs out while thrashing his guitar within an inch of its life (his legendarily wild performances frequently end up with all strings snapped during a single song), creating gorgeously romantic and limpid tone-scapes, Tomokawa never remains any less than himself. He walks a path of untutored intelligence, piercing sensitivity, and fully exorcised passions all too rare in the shallow husk of today’s debased world.

In the download:

[studio albums]
1975 - Finally, The First Album
1976 - A Natural Voice
1977 - Senbazuru Wo Kuchi Ni Kuwaeta Hibi
1978 - Poems That Won’t Stop Crying From Within Me
1980 - Within the Country of Falling Cherry Blossoms
1981 - The Sea Is Silent, The Voice’s Soul Is Suffering
1986 - Beauty Without Mercy
1994 - Fault Of Flowers
1994 - Playing with Phantoms
1995 - Dance A Bonodori Alone
1996 - Fat in the Morning Light
1998 - Day by Day Dreams Die With Blithe
1998 - The Process of Stars
1999 - Sky Fish
2000 - Red Polyanthus
2001 - The Eyes of Elise
2002 - A Blow By Kenshin
2003 - Nakahara Chuya Sakuhinnshu ['78 re-interpretation]
2008 - Blue Water, Red Water
2009 - A Bumpkin’s Empty Bravado

[live albums]
1979 - A Dog - Live in Akita
1995 - GOEN: Live In Nihon Seinenkan
1995 - Shibuya Apia Document
2005 - Live 2005 Osaka Banana Hall

[compilation album]
Itsuka, Toku O Miteita

[extra songs]
Can’t Comprehend the Meaning Behind these Emotions
The Spring that Never Comes

--> http://depositfiles.com/files/uz4v1uaeg
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& the only album that was missing: 2003 - Satoru

Enjoy and if anyone is unsure about Kazuiki's style, check out that documentary that is linked in the description.

Kenji Sawada - CO-CoLO 1 (1996)

01 Obscene Birds of Night
02 Homeless Wanderer
03 Dosha Down, Missing...
04 That Woman
05 Illusion
06 Been Swept...
07 At The Corner
08 "B" Side Girl
09 Dark Ball

  1. ''サイドガール

  2. 夜のみだらな鳥達

  3. 無宿

  4. どしゃぶり抜けて

  5. あの女

  6. 幻影(イリュージョン)

  7. 乱されて・・・

  8. 時の街角


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more Sawada for everyone!  ^_^

Yukiko Okada
Yukiko Okada - October Mermaid ( 岡田有希子 - 十月の人魚)

1. Sweet Planet
2. みずうみ
3. 花鳥図
4. 哀しい予感
5. ロンサム・シーズン
6. 流星の高原
7. Bien
8. ペナルティ
9. 十月の人魚
10. 水色プリンセス-水の精-


Shouldn't be such a rarity, but it is sadly...

*pokes the community*
Um... hi, all. I don't know if this is the right place to ask, and I know this community is pretty dead as it is, but... does anyone have any concert clips of Toshiki Kadomatsu (角松敏生)? I've looked freakin' everywhere, and can't find anything, except on youtube, which is nice, although I'd prefer better quality.

If someone wants something I have, they're welcome to it, although it's mostly city pop/new music (not "new" music, as in recently released stuff, but the genre new music... yeah...), and I don't know how popular those styles are here. But if you want a list of the artists I have, just ask. I'd really love to share. <3

Anyway, thank you for any help you can offer, and I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask. m(_ _)m

Yamaguchi Momoe
As promised, I bring you some Momoe :D
I don't think she needs any introduction, but just in case, Yamaguchi Momoe was a singer who debuted in 1972 at the age of 13 after passing an audition for the legendary talent tv show "Star tanjou", and retired in 1980 at just 22 when she married actor Miura Tomokazu (to whom she's still married).
Although she was only active for 8 years, she is considered one of the most important and unforgettable singers of the Seventies because of her "daring" (for the time) image and peculiar husky voice.
She is a great singer and, especially in her later career, she performed really amazing songs so I'd suggest you to give her a try.

First off, the compulsory best album.

Yamaguchi Momoe - "Golden☆Best"

128KbS - tags in Japanese, filenames in romaji
tracklistCollapse )

Then, three of my favourite albums in chronological order.

Yamaguchi Momoe - "Yokosuka story"

192KbS - tags in Japanese, filenames in romaji
tracklistCollapse )

Yamaguchi Momoe - "Cosmos (uchuu)"

192KbS - tags in Japanese, filenames in romaji
If you care, this is my favourite Momoe album ever. ♥ Great concept album.
tracklistCollapse )

Yamaguchi Momoe - "Moebius game"

192KbS - tags in Japanese, filenames in romaji
tracklistCollapse )

Enjoy, and comment if you take :D

Sawada Kenji, "LOVE ~ai to wa fukou wo osorenai koto~"
I've disappeared for one month due to moving, and ISP being very slow with the contract at my new place >_< But now I'm finally able to upload stuff! Rejoice! XD

This is the 1978 Julie album I promised I'd upload last time. It's the last of the threethat were completely composed by Ono Katsuo and written by Aku Yu. The lyrics are generally very worth paying attention to, though they might be a little, um, controversial.

My rip in 320KbS from the remastered stereo cd edition.

Sawada Kenji "LOVE ~ai to wa fukou wo osorenai koto~"

320KbS - tags & filenames in Japanese
1. TWO
2. 24jikan no ballad
3. American variety
4. Sunset hiroba
5. Omoide wo tsukuru tame ni ai suru no de wa nai
6. Aka to kuro
7. Amadare no banka
8. Izakaya
9. Bara no mon
10. LOVE(dakishimetai)


Coming next, some Yamaguchi Momoe (albums, best album, and final concert dvd rip)

By the way, I have a couple of awesome Showa age dramas: 1975 "Akuma no you na aitsu" starring Sawada Kenji and 1979 "Tantei monogatari" starring Matsuda Yusaku. I was thinking of uploading them here, but they're raw, and since it's a pretty big load I would like to know beforehand if any of you would be interested in them ^^

Sawada Kenji, "Kondo wa, karei na utage ni douzo."
Sorry for spamming more Sawada Kenji goodness to you before the other promised stuff, but I've just received this (+ another Julie album) and it's too good not to share it! :D

This is one of Sawada's three albums (released in 1977-78) that were completely composed by Ono Katsuo and written by Aku Yu. I have listened to it three times so far and I LOVE IT. It's wild but very classy at the same time, just like Julie is ♥. The lyrics and melodies suit him and his singing style perfectly. Moreover it's a very varied album in terms of song styles, but very consistent from beginning to end.
The songs arrangements are brilliant, too, and I especially adore the bass work in this album *_*

My rip, in all its remastered stereo 320KbS glory. Scans will come when I find the scanner drivers cd XD, and the other Julie album I bought ("LOVE ~ai to wa fukou wo osorenai koto~") is coming very soon~

Sawada Kenji "Kondo wa, karei na utage ni douzo."

320KbS - tags & filenames in Japanese
1. Darling
2. Yoidore kankei
3. Happy lady
4. Onna wa waru da
5. Tantei (kanashiki chaser)
6. Yamato yori ai wo komete
7. Ojousan oteage da
8. Goodbye Maria
9. Spirit

NB: Since I'm lame / I was too excited / I'm stupid (you decide), the album title in the tags is wrong - I wrote "Kondo, karei~" instead of "Kondo wa, karei~" -_- sorry for the inconvenience!

1975, when Kayokyoku gains its own identity
I think we all know that kayokyoku as a genre is a rather broad one, and basically encompasses anything sung that isn't enka, folk, rock, or explicitly some other genre it could be.

From my listening experience with kayo, I've been noticing that, for the most part, it's largest influences were from European popular music (which I have only limited exposure to myself), and American/British popular music. This was pretty evident in the 1960s and early 1970s, where the music sounded like stuff that the Western music world has by that time written off as "old people music".

I'm not insinuating that kayo was being derivative of Western styles, but they were readily adopted and had musical idioms and styles that were more towards Japanese tastes added to it. If you listen to, say, Jun Mayzumi, Naomi Chiaki, Chiyo Okumura, Kiyohiko Ozaki, or even Momoe Yamaguchi before singing songs by Ryudo Uzaki, the style of kayo was primarily Western in character, even if compared to contemporary Western music they may sound outdated.

The tone of kayo, I think, changed dramatically in the mid 1970s, and really broke out in 1975, when the ever-adapting musical chamelon Kyohei Tsutsumi started writing songs in his own voice, a voice that is wholly within Japan's scope of music, but can't be pinned down entirely or applied directly to Western music.

I don't know exactly how to qualify why I think 1975 is the year when this happened, but just by listening, it seems that a good number of new songs that came out then just "sounded" very different from what came before. The melodies were longer and complex, the arrangements blended electric and acoustic together, and most importantly, the music seemed to have updated significantly from the more crooner and cabaret kayo style that was predominant up until then.

More after the cut w/ video . . .Collapse )

Koizumi Kyoko - "The Best"
Since on the poll on my previous post people have expressed interest for '80s idols, I thought I'd start by my favourite: Koizumi Kyoko, aka Kyon Kyon!

She debuted in 1982 and she's one of my favourites in the Eighties idol scene because although she isn't the most gifted vocalist ever, she clearly enjoys every second she's holding the mic. She's very pretty and always smiling cheerfully, looking like she's genuinely having fun, and that's why I really like her ♥
Generally I don't particularly like the sound of 80s idol pop, but her songs are very enjoyable.
One last gossip: the ones of you who are familiar with Johnny's might remember her as the rumoured older lover of Kamenashi Kazuya. ^^;;

Koizumi Kyoko

Released on 16 December 1986
.mp3, 320kbit
Filenames and tags in Japanese
01. Watashi no 16sai
02. Suteki na lovely boy
03. Hitori machikado
04. Shunpuu no yuuwaku
05. Makka na onna no ko
06. Hanbun shoujo
07. Atesugata namida musume
08. Nagisa no haikara ningyo
09. Meikyuu no andoroora
10. Yamato nadeshiko shichihenge
11. The Stardust Memory
12. Tokonatsu musume
13. Majo
14. Nantettatte idol
15. 100% danjo kousai
16. Yoake no MEW

Enjoy and comment if you take it / like it ♥


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