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Sawada Kenji, "LOVE ~ai to wa fukou wo osorenai koto~"
loveandcoffee wrote in kayoukyoku
I've disappeared for one month due to moving, and ISP being very slow with the contract at my new place >_< But now I'm finally able to upload stuff! Rejoice! XD

This is the 1978 Julie album I promised I'd upload last time. It's the last of the threethat were completely composed by Ono Katsuo and written by Aku Yu. The lyrics are generally very worth paying attention to, though they might be a little, um, controversial.

My rip in 320KbS from the remastered stereo cd edition.

Sawada Kenji "LOVE ~ai to wa fukou wo osorenai koto~"

320KbS - tags & filenames in Japanese
1. TWO
2. 24jikan no ballad
3. American variety
4. Sunset hiroba
5. Omoide wo tsukuru tame ni ai suru no de wa nai
6. Aka to kuro
7. Amadare no banka
8. Izakaya
9. Bara no mon
10. LOVE(dakishimetai)


Coming next, some Yamaguchi Momoe (albums, best album, and final concert dvd rip)

By the way, I have a couple of awesome Showa age dramas: 1975 "Akuma no you na aitsu" starring Sawada Kenji and 1979 "Tantei monogatari" starring Matsuda Yusaku. I was thinking of uploading them here, but they're raw, and since it's a pretty big load I would like to know beforehand if any of you would be interested in them ^^

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Thanks for sharing!
I like going to izakaya, so now I'd like to listen that song XD


Thanks a lot for your efforts to sharing with us!
Do you have the album "Bad Tunning" ?

Unfortunately I already posted all the Sawada albums I own, and Bad Tuning isn't one of them ;_;
If you manage to find it, I do encourage you to post it here :D

Zannen desu ne, but I'll try. Anyway, thanks a lot again !


Discovering this blog and these posts in particular meant I just HAD to join LJ to THANK YOU for these posts! I am a huge fan of Sawada ever since I discovered him through and realized he was in a film I love dearly called The Happiness of the Katakuris..

Till now I only had that soundtrack and Royal Flush v.2, so this is a literal avalanche of awesomehood! Cheers and thanks so much!

If you want his song in the above film, its called 'Karaoke Love Song' and the OST is here:


Half-way through this album and i'm in love.
Seriously awesome.

just curious, do you happen to have his album The Fugitive? I saw the cover on and it looks like it would be awesome.

Is it possible to publish that old Showa albums?

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