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because Showa rocks

歌謡曲 ・ Japanese entertainment of the 60s-70s-80s
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Japanese entertainment of the 60s-70s-80s
Welcome to kayoukyoku, a community dedicated to Japanese pop of the 60-70-80s.

What is kayoukyoku?
Kayou-kyoku (歌謡曲) is the Japanese word for "pop song", which was used before the term "J-pop" gained popularity. Nowadays "kayou" is mainly used to refer to pop music dating back to the Showa age (1926-1989).
This community focuses on pop artists and songs of the Showa age, especially of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

What can I find/share on kayoukyoku?
Music, videos, pictures, insights on pop artists who have been popular in the three aforementioned decades.

Main rules
・The artists whose works can be shared here must have been active and popular since BEFORE 1989.
・Sharing recent releases by these artists is permitted.
・It's ok to share tribute/cover albums by contemporary artists, if at least 50% of it are covers of Showa songs. (Bonus points if you can also find and upload the original versions!)

What can you share on kayoukyoku?
・Music, of course. Albums, singles, compilations, everything is ok!
・Videos. TV performances, clips, concerts... youtube rips are ok too.
・Showa movies and dramas, with or without subs.
・Pictures. Magazine scans, bromide, screencaps, anything :D graphics such as icons and layouts are allowed as well.
・Discussions. Free talk / facts / insights / translations / reviews about Showa Japan entertainment are welcome and encouraged. Furthermore, questions are allowed, since finding information on the subject in English is difficult; however, please do try to google and browse through the tags beforehand.

What you CANNOT share:
・Hard rock, underground or visual kei artists. Please head to the nice community oyaji_rock to share them.
Sharing Johnny's idols is ok, but keep in mind there is also a community dedicated to pre-SMAP Johnny's: tanokin.
90’s J-pop, although sometimes hard to find, is not allowed. I suggest heading to shinin_love.

Pimp posts for particular artists or genres are more than welcome; in this case, feel free to embed youtube video files.

Posting rules
・Please put long posts or big images under a lj-cut.
・Locking posts or not is left to your own discretion. If you don't feel safe leaving them unlocked, then by all means lock them; but please do not put passwords or similar tricks to files and DL links, and if the links are posted in an entry on your LJ, don't link to a friends-locked entry. The whole purpose of this community is to share.
・If you download something, please comment! In most cases the files shared are pretty rare and we don't want the uploaders to feel that sharing was a waste of their time. It doesn't really take much time or effort to at least type a "Thank you".
・Each member is only allowed ONE request or question post per week. However, please, browse through the tags before requesting or use the search functionality, to make sure that what you are looking for has not already been uploaded.
・Write in understandable English. This means: don't speak by abbreviations or don't type in annoying upper-lower case alternation.
・There should be no need to say this, but no flaming, no trolling is allowed. If you don't like a particular artist, just skip the post.
・If there's an appropriate tag for the post you're writing, please use it. If there isn't, I will tag the post according to its content.

For any question or doubt (e.g. if you're not sure whether you can share a particular artist), feel free to PM me, but make sure you have enabled the option that allows you to receive PMs from non-friends, otherwise I won't be able to reply.

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